We are a family operated lavender and specialty cut flower farm located on a sandy, cobblestone filled field overlooking the Bristol Hills in Bloomfield, New York. I’m Susan the flower farmer who used flowers as my beautiful escape. I can’t remember a time when flowers didn’t have a way to captivate me, my Mom has always called me her “flower girl.” I remember that the first flower I knew it’s name was an Iris. It’s kind of crazy that flowers have always been a part of my memories.

I’ve had the privilege of growing flowers in gardens in Michigan, Hawaii, Texas and NY. When my life seemed to shatter after the tragic death of my husband flowers became my escape from reality. With my daughters, I planted a memorial garden, that began with a topiary shaped lilac tree, and then added hydrangeas and tree peonies, bulbs and I just kept planting and expanding the space in our less than half of an acre yard.

I went to school and graduated with a degree in Horticulture and my CNLP, purchased a little land in Bloomfield, to grow my dreams. Sometime during that period the layer of ice around my shattered heart opened up to a “chapter 2” love who encouraged me to plant my own dream lavender farm.

After planting 2,000 lavender plants came the peonies and rose bushes and now we grow cut flowers for CSA bouquet subscriptions, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers and wedding flowers.

And because I know grief well, I pour my heart into sympathy arrangements. Not only are we providing locally grown flowers, they provide a lot of hope through the beauty of each bloom to my small family.

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